What are aprons called in England? (2023)

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What is a British pinafore?

British English: pinafore /ˈpɪnəˌfɔː/ NOUN. A pinafore or a pinafore dress is a sleeveless dress. It is worn over a blouse or sweater. American English: pinafore /ˈpɪnəfɔr/

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What are old fashioned aprons called?

Pinafore: Originally a "bib" style apron that covered the chest and fastened with pins, hence it's name. Commonly associated with a ruffled apron in the 1900s that little girls wore. It was also popular in the 1940s. Pinny: British slang for pinafore or apron.

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Why is it called a pinney?

Why do we call them that? The word "pinny" is short for the British word "pinafore," a term that originally meant "an apron or sleeveless garment" traditionally worn by women over the front of dresses.

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What do Brits call a jumper?

In British English, the term jumper describes what is called a sweater in American English. Also, in more formal British usage, a distinction is made between a pinafore dress and a pinafore. The latter, though a related garment, has an open back and is worn as an apron.

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What do the British call a sweater?

In British English, a sweater may also be called a pullover, jumper, or jersey.

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What is a Viking apron called?

March 2019) The hangerok (sometimes spelled hangerock or hangeroc) was a type of dress worn by Viking women and some other early medieval northern European cultures. The garment was shaped somewhat like a pinafore, with two straps over the shoulders secured by brooches.

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What is a bistro apron?

Bistro aprons are a popular choice for servers at high-end restaurants. These aprons tie at the waist and provide coverage for the upper part of the leg. These aprons will protect your workers' legs from stains.

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Why did Victorians wear aprons?

Victorian Fashion and Victorian Costume

The most prominent feature of the schoolgirl was the white cotton apron, often trimmed with lace. These actually did up at the back, not the side, and they were put on over the normal clothes as a means of protection. They were made of cotton and were often hand made by a parent.

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What is a apron in English?

noun. ˈā-prən. -pərn. : a garment worn on the front of the body to keep the clothing from getting dirty. : something that suggests or resembles an apron in shape, position, or use: as.

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What do Brits call tank tops?

List of garments having different names in American and British English.
DescriptionBritish English
Longsleeve knit topjumper
Sleeveless knit topsleeveless jumper, slipover, knit tank top
Sleeveless dress worn over a shirtPinafore, pinny, pinafore dress
Old-fashioned style of apronPinafore apron
15 more rows

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What is a vest top in the UK?

UK. (also vest top) a shirt without sleeves, usually made out of cotton, that is worn in the summer or for sports: The cyclists were all dressed in tight lycra shorts and the official team vest.

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Why did girls wear pinafores over their dresses?

Worn as an overgarment, a pinafore protected the clothing underneath, allowing the child to do her job. Like a maid's white apron, a pinafore signified the work of childhood: play, sometimes involving dirt or other messy substances. By the early twentieth century, the pinafore had become a garment unto itself.

What are aprons called in England? (2023)
Why is an appearance in soccer called a cap?

Caps in soccer refer to the number of appearances a player has made with their senior national team, so their club is not affiliated with this number. The term is said to have originated from the United Kingdom, when players were awarded physical caps to mark their involvements in international matches.

When did girls wear pinafores?

The pinafore was not only for children, women also wore them; most notably throughout the 20th century. The utilitarian cut of a pinafore covered a greater area than an apron, making it better suited as a uniform for more demanding and messy work at a time when women began to re-enter a workforce comprised of men.

What do British people call jackets?

For what the British mean by vest, Americans say undershirt, and for what Americans mean by vest, the British say waistcoat.
tuxedodinner jacket/suit
4 more rows

What do the British call a garage?

Car park – n – Parking lot or parking garage.

What is a sweater vest called in the UK?

A sweater vest (known as a tank top, sleeveless sweater or sleeveless pullover in the UK) is an item of knitwear that is similar to a sweater, but without sleeves, usually with a low-cut neckline.

What do the English call shoes?

Shoes is English for shoes. There are a few differences compared to American English. Like sports shoes for running, walking and general exercise are often called Trainers in the UK while in the USA they are called Sneakers. When I was a kid the 70's early 80's the canvas type similar to converse were called Plimsolls.

What is an Amish Cape apron?

It is the triangular piece of fabric that goes from the waist and over our shoulders and crosses in front. Then the apron is put over the bottom of the cape and belted around the waist. In our community capes are usually worn to church weddings and special occasions.

What is a Japanese apron?

Stylishly crafted and deceptively functional, maekake are Japanese aprons that have been favored by those in traditional trade and handicraft industries for nearly 400 years. We'll explore the history of maekake, how they're made, and why you'll want to wear one yourself!

What is a pinner apron?

These bibbed aprons are referred to as “pinner” aprons because the bib at the top is held in place by straight pins. Our pocketed aprons have one or two pockets and are based on paintings of 18th-century knitters wearing aprons with pockets for their yarn.

What is a bungalow apron?

A bungalow apron is an item of women's at-home clothing. Most bungalow aprons were extremely simple garments, often with kimono sleeves (sleeves cut in one piece with the body of the dress), little or no trim, and the fewest possible fasteners.

What are Mexican aprons called?

The apron, also called “mandil” in Mexico, was something that has been in our family for 4 generations now.

What is a half apron called?

A waist apron also called a server apron or half apron, is very common in the hospitality and catering industry. It is usually pretty short covering the hip area and ensuring easy leg movement. Waist aprons come with front pockets to hold pens, pads, and other small items.

Why Grandma wore an apron?

The History of Aprons: The principal use of Grandma's apron was to protect the dress underneath, but along with that, it served as a potholder for removing hot pans from the oven. It was wonderful for drying children's tears, and on occasion was even used for cleaning out dirty ears.

Are a smock and an apron the same thing?

A smock is a complete garment, like a loose-fitting dress. Smocks are put on over the head, and they cover most of the body whereas aprons usually have a strap behind the neck and strings around the waist.

Is a pinafore the same as an apron?

A pinafore is a full apron with two holes for the arms that is tied or buttoned in the back, usually just below the neck. Pinafores have complete front shaped over shoulder while aprons usually have no bib, or only a smaller one. A child's garment to wear at school or for play would be a pinafore.

What are the different terms for an apron?

synonyms for apron
  • smock.
  • cover.
  • pinafore.
  • shield.

What is the synonym of apron?

The chef's apron looked worn and dirty. Synonyms. pinny. overall. pinafore (informal)

What is a wife beater called in the UK?

Synonyms. (one who beats one's wife): abusive husband. (a kind of sleeveless shirt): A-shirt, athletic shirt, beater, muscle shirt, singlet (chiefly Australia, UK), tank top, vest.

What is an undershirt called in England?

An undershirt in American English (vest in British and South African English, banyan in the Indian Subcontinent, or singlet in Australia and New Zealand), is an article of underwear worn underneath a dress shirt (or sometimes T-shirt) intended to protect it from body sweat and odors.

What do Britons call the trunk of a car?

In British English, the boot of a car is the covered space, usually at the back, where you put things such as luggage or shopping. Is the boot open? In American English, this part of a car is called the trunk. We put our bags in the trunk.

What is the purpose of a pinafore?

The pinafore, from the Latin mantele (canvas' fabric), can be defined as a "garment with a bib that is hung around the neck and tied at the waist. Its purpose is to protect “the wearer's clothing" and its origin dates back at least 5.000 years.

What is another name for a pinafore?

synonyms for pinafore
  • smock.
  • cover.
  • shield.

What is the difference between a pinafore and an apron?

A pinafore is a full apron with two holes for the arms that is tied or buttoned in the back, usually just below the neck. Pinafores have complete front shaped over shoulder while aprons usually have no bib, or only a smaller one. A child's garment to wear at school or for play would be a pinafore.

What is a dress with no sides called?

Pannier (clothing) - Wikipedia.

What do you call a skirt with suspenders?

A pinafore, of course! While this ultra-cute piece is all about fun, its versatility gives it some serious summer style points.

What is the posh word for sofa?

Sitting/Drawing Room - Lounge. Sofa - Settee/Couch.

What is a fancy word for clothes closet?

armoire Add to list Share. An armoire is a kind of wardrobe or freestanding closet. You can hang your clothes on hangers in an armoire, or put your folded sweaters on its shelves.

What is a pinafore and Tucker?

The tucker is believed to have been the precursor of the pinafore. The name developed from 'pin-a-fore or pinned in the front. Pinafores were essentially abbreviated smocks or aprons worn over other clothes for meals and play.

What are smock outfits?

Modern smocks are loose, lightweight, sleeved garments, often worn to protect the clothes while working. Artists traditionally wore smocks to protect their clothing from paint, marble dust, or any other detritus from the medium in which they worked. Smocks have also been popular garments for pregnant women.

What did Victorian ladies wear under their dresses?

Corsets, crinolines and bustles: fashionable Victorian underwear. It was often the structures beneath Victorian clothing that gave women's fashion its form. Corsets (also known as stays) moulded the waist, while cage crinolines supported voluminous skirts, and bustles projected a dress out from behind.

Why do girls like revealing outfits?

One part of the answer is that some girls feel confident if they receive attention for the way they dress. It's nice to be noticed. Often girls even dress to impress other girls, maybe even more than guys. But for many girls it's even more important to fit in.

Why are women's clothes Pocketless?

We were not meant to look all lumpy, with practical pockets full of useful things, like men did. Women were supposed to look pretty and smooth, and pockets just spoiled the outline. Others believe making women pocketless was a simple way to make sure they remained powerless.

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