What is a mileage discrepancy? (2023)

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What is a mileage discrepancy?

A mileage discrepancy is where the mileage displayed on the car's odometer doesn't match what's recorded on the National Mileage Register or other records and sources, such as the information recorded at an MOT test. It could be a sign the car is clocked.

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How do you calculate mileage discrepancy?

If you want to be just a little bit safer, then you could consider a mileage check from a company like Experian. These make use of information “from a vast database of mileage resources, contacting previous keepers where appropriate and investigating any discrepancies when necessary”.

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What causes mileage discrepancy?

Sometimes the mileage discrepancy is caused because of the number of digits that can be displayed as the indication for the distance traveled. For instance, most of the cars have five-digit (99,999) or six-digit (999,999) odometers.

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Can you detect mileage correction?

Do car diagnostic tools detect mileage correction? The short answer to this question is No. The car scanner tool cannot really access the vehicle's actual odometer reading. It just calculated the mileage based on the distance between the start and endpoints of the road that you take.

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How do you tell if mileage has been altered?

Request a vehicle history report to check for odometer discrepancies in the vehicle's history. If the seller does not have a vehicle history report, use the car's VIN to order a vehicle history report online. If you suspect fraud, contact your state's enforcement agency.

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Can you sell a car with mileage discrepancy UK?

The law in the UK creates a grey area in which legitimate companies offering mileage correction services can operate. Essentially, it is legal to alter the mileage on a car but it is illegal to then sell that car without disclosing known mileage discrepancies to the buyer.

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What happens if car mileage is wrong?

Whether you need to correct the mileage on a car title because of a mistake or as a result of odometer tampering, your local DMV will help you move forward. Make sure you correct the title accurately and fill out the appropriate paperwork.

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What's decent mileage on a used car?

As a general rule, you should assume that the average car owner puts 12,000 miles on a car each year. To determine whether a car has reasonable mileage, you can simply multiply 12,000 by its age. That means good mileage for a car that's 5 years old is 60,000.

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Is it possible to reduce mileage on a car?

It is possible to tamper with the vehicle's odo to make its reading appear lower than the car's true mileage. It's important for buyers to check for signs of an odometer rollback.

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How do you fix mileage inconsistency on Carfax?

Submitting a Data Correction Form for CARFAX Vehicle History...
  1. Submitting a Data Correction Form for CARFAX Vehicle History Reports.
  2. Begin by logging into your CARFAX Account at www.carfaxonline.com and clicking on the Data Correction Form link.
  3. Enter the 17-digit VIN and click Submit.

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What does it mean not actual mileage?

N=Not actual mileage (the odometer is broken, has been replaced, or the current owner is unsure of the true mileage).

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What if the odometer does not match the title?

The odometer reading recorded on your title will be branded “Not Actual.” This could greatly diminish the value of your vehicle. Allow DMV to hold your title while you collect evidence of the vehicle's actual mileage. Evidence may include inspection records, maintenance records, and work orders.

What is a mileage discrepancy? (2023)
Can a mechanic tell if odometer has been rolled back?

Visit A Mechanic

If you seriously consider purchasing a used car, it's always good to have it inspected by a qualified mechanic. They will be able to tell if the odometer has been rolled back and if there are any other potential issues with the vehicle.

Can a scanner detect mileage rollback?

If you have the Carly OBD2 scanner and app, you can immediately find out if the car's odometer mileage has been manipulated. Setting up the Carly OBD2 scanner and app is fairly easy and will only take you a couple of minutes! All you have to do is plug the scanner into the car's OBD2 port.

What is a mileage correction?

Mileage correction is the process of adjusting or re-calibrating the number of miles your odometer displays on your digital dashboard.

Does replacing the engine reset mileage?

An engine swap or engine replacement will not reset the odometer as the odometer doesn't just measure the engine but all of the components of the car. In fact, it's illegal to reset the odometer as it would not accurately reflect the age of other parts of the vehicle.

Can dealerships reset odometer?

The Federal statute is quite clear. 49 USC 32703(2) says a person may not “disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, an odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer.”

How do you calculate mileage tampering?

Look for the obvious. Some signs of tampering include scuff marks around the gauge cluster, a set of gauges or odometer that looks newer or cleaner than the rest of the dash, or a trip odometer or other functions that no longer work.

How do I fix mileage discrepancy UK?

Report the mistake to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ( DVSA ) to get it corrected. You also need to email proof of the mileage, such as a scan or photo of: an invoice for the MOT. an emissions printout.

Can an advisory be removed from an MOT?

They answered, once advisories are on, they cannot be removed until retest next year!

What to do if you have bought a clocked car?

If during your pre-purchase checks you discover that a car has been clocked, inform your local Trading Standards office and the police. Don't buy the car then knowingly sell it on later, as you'll be committing an offence.

Is mileage the same as odometer?

Odometer and mileage are two separate entities altogether. The odometer is used to measure the distance traveled while the other, mileage, is the fuel consumption per kilometer. The distance you have traveled with a car helps you to find out the mileage.

What is the most reliable high mileage car?

Here are 17 cars that'll do 300,000 miles
  • Toyota Camry. ...
  • Honda Accord. ...
  • Volvo P1800. ...
  • Ford F-150. ...
  • Air-cooled Porsche 911. ...
  • Honda Civic. ...
  • Volkswagen Type 2. ...
  • Saab 900.

What's more important mileage or age?

Age is considered the main influence in depreciation, but that's partly because the older a vehicle is, the more miles it's likely to have driven. Typically, the average car will stop depreciating after 8-10 years.

Is a 10 year old car too old?

When buying a used car that's 10-years-old or older, your primary concerns are purchase price and reliability. Don't pay more than that 10-year-old car is worth. And, pick a car with a solid reputation for dependability. No car is really too old if you follow those rules.

How many miles on a car is too many miles?

How Many Miles On A Car Is Too Many? How many miles on a car is bad? As a general rule, most vehicles begin to seriously degrade at around 150,000 miles. It is considered rare, and therefore outstanding longevity, if a car reaches 200,000 miles on the road.

Can a CARFAX report be wrong?

If you think there is an error on a CARFAX Vehicle History Report for a vehicle you do not own, please ask the owner of the vehicle to contact us to fix any incorrect information.

What does inconsistent odometer mean?

Inconsistent odometer readings - possibly around-the-clock, wound-back or human error. The vehicle's odometer readings appear to go backwards (a later odometer reading is lower than a previous odometer reading). Some possibilities for this could include: The odometer has gone 'around-the-clock' and reset back to zero.

What does mileage inconsistency mean on Carfax?

If a more recent odometer reading is less than an older reading, then the odometer may have been tampered with and ""rolled back"". CARFAX analyzes the mileage history and the sources of this information to indicate a potential odometer rollback or mileage inconsistency.

What does not actual mileage mean on Carfax?

El Segundo, CA New owner reported NOT ACTUAL MILEAGE TITLE ISSUED CARFAX Advisor™ A NAM title is issued when the owner discloses to a DMV mileage fraud, a broken odometer or that the actual mileage of this vehicle is unknown. Mileage reported after this reading is potentially unreliable.

What does true mileage unknown mean?

A “True Mileage Unknown,” or TMU vehicle has an odometer reading that is inaccurate. Dealers will “Roll back” odometers to increase the value of a vehicle. A 30,000 mile car has much less mechanical wear and tear than a 100,000 mile car. Digital odometers can be rolled back in a few minutes using a computer.

What happens if you buy a car with rolled back miles?

It is illegal for a car dealership to roll back the miles on the car for any reason. There are certain odometer statutes in effect that protect the buyers of vehicles if the miles have been set back. Sometimes this means criminal charges for the company or person involved in this illegal activity.

How do you reset the mileage on a car?

Can you reset miles on a vehicle? No. In fact, it's illegal to alter or tamper with your car's odometer, especially intending to deceive potential buyers or sellers about the car's actual condition. Mileage is one of the primary factors being looked at during vehicle appraisal and determining its sale value.

Why is mileage unreadable on MOT?

Sometimes with digital odometers, you cannot see the mileage easily if the backlight bulb has blown in which case you have the option to mark it as unreadable. If you go back with a small torch, you can sometimes get it in the right position to see the mileage.

Does odometer need to work for MOT?

Forget it. No legal requirement for an odometer in a motor car under Con and Use. Not testable under MOT.

What is a mileage registration?

The National Mileage Register (NMR) is a service provided to both the motor trade and consumers to allow customers to check the mileage of a vehicle they are purchasing against our records for any mileage discrepancies. This service includes confirmation of mileage points throughout the vehicle's history.

Does V5C show mileage?

You can also contact the previous keeper on the V5C/logbook and ask them what the mileage was on the vehicle when they bought and sold it.

How do I fix mileage discrepancy UK?

Report the mistake to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ( DVSA ) to get it corrected. You also need to email proof of the mileage, such as a scan or photo of: an invoice for the MOT. an emissions printout.

Can an advisory be removed from an MOT?

They answered, once advisories are on, they cannot be removed until retest next year!

Can MOT be forged?

If you're buying a car - Bear in mind that MOT certificates can be forged. Use the mileage record on the certificate as a guide only and check the official record online.

Will a broken odometer fail MOT?

The speedometer will only pass the MOT test if it is complete, everything is neat and tidy, and there are no fluttering, sticking, intermittently working, or dead gauges. Your best bet would be to inspect your instrument cluster meticulously. If you notice any broken or faulty gauges, get the unit repaired immediately.

Will car fail MOT if Boot doesn't open?

Passengers must be able to open the rear doors from outside of the vehicle, so a broken or missing handle will mean a fail. A boot or bonnet that can't be closed fully and securely, meanwhile, will prevent a vehicle from passing it's MOT test.

Is an odometer a legal requirement UK?

An odometer on a motor car is not a legal requirement. A speedometer (under certain circs) is and required to maintained in good working order. Neither item is one which the MOT requires to be inspected.

How do you find the actual mileage of a car?

If you suspect the mileage on a car is not genuine, you can: Check the MOT certificates and service documents for consistency of mileage readings. Contact previous owners named on the log book and ask what the mileage was when they sold the car. Get mileage information via a history check from a reputable dealer.

How many miles should my car have?

To determine whether a car has reasonable mileage, you can simply multiply 12,000 by its age. That means good mileage for a car that's 5 years old is 60,000. Significantly more or fewer miles could indicate a problem or trouble in the future. That said, mileage can be misleading.

Can a HPI check be wrong?

The HPI Guarantee does not cover the vehicle's descriptive information (including import status), mileage, value, V5 registration document checks, or if the loss has arisen as a result of a fraudulent transaction. The HPI Guarantee is valid for two years from the date of the check.

How do you check if my car is marked by police?

There is no way for the general public to find out if a vehicle has a marker registered on the Police National Database sadly. This information is only available to the Police.

How far back can you check MOT history?

Records are held for up to 10 years, so you will be able to check a detailed history of the vehicle, including: Its MOT passes and failures. Which parts of the vehicle failed the respective test. Advisories.

How do you check mileage on a dashboard?

It is typically located near the speedometer. If your vehicle is newer, it may be digital. If your vehicle is older or less luxurious, it will be a physical, mechanical set of numbers. Once located, simply make a note of the currently displayed number.

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