Zscaler career? (2023)

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Is Zscaler a good company?

Is Zscaler a good company to work for? Zscaler has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, based on over 1,665 reviews left anonymously by employees. 88% of employees would recommend working at Zscaler to a friend and 89% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has decreased by -3% over the last 12 months.

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What is the salary of Zscaler M&A?

Average annual salary in Zscaler Softech is INR 17.1 lakhs .

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What does Zscaler do?

Zscaler (NASDAQ: ZS) accelerates digital transformation so that customers can be more agile, efficient, resilient, and secure. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange protects thousands of customers from cyberattacks and data loss by securely connecting users, devices, and applications in any location.

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Why should I work at Zscaler?

90% of employees at Zscaler say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Source: Great Place To Work® 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study. Management is honest and ethical in its business practices. Our executives fully embody the best characteristics of our company.

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Does Zscaler pay well?

Zscaler pays an average of $135,432 per year, or $65.11 an hour. Zscaler pays the lowest earners $97,000 a year, while the top 10 percent are paid over $187,000. Salaries vary by department as well.

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What is the salary of Zscaler for freshers?

Zscaler Softech Associate Software Engineer Salary FAQs

Average Zscaler Softech Associate Software Engineer salary in India is ₹ 11.4 Lakhs for less than 1 year of experience to 2 years. Associate Software Engineer salary at Zscaler Softech India ranges between ₹ 7.0 Lakhs to ₹ 18.0 Lakhs.

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Is Zscaler a Microsoft product?

Microsoft has built deep integrations with Zscaler—a cloud-native, multitenant security platform—to help organizations with their Zero Trust journey.

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What is the joining bonus of Zscaler?

Internship stipend for first 6 months shall be INR 20,000. On confirmation your CTC shall be based on location : 12 lakh in Banglaore, 10 lakh in Chandigarh (includes 2 lakh joining bonus)

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Who does Zscaler compete with?

See how Zscaler compares to similar products. Zscaler's top competitors include Forward Networks, Netskope, and Cyolo. Forward Networks provides network visibility, policy verification, and change modeling.

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Why is Zscaler popular?

A reliable and scalable internet security solution

Zscaler app is easy to deploy with all the policies and zscaler integration into Azure and SD-WAN with help of GRE and IPSEC tunnels made it possible to manage all environments. Dashboard is also easy to manage with good reporting capabilities.

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Does Zscaler use AWS?

Zscaler is an AWS Security Competency Partner whose cloud services create fast, secure connections between users and applications, regardless of device, location, or network.

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Is Zscaler cyber security?

Far more than a single security service, Zscaler Internet Access™ includes cloud firewall/IPS, sandboxing, URL filtering, Cloud Browser Isolation, data loss prevention (DLP), cloud access security broker (CASB), and cloud security posture management (CSPM) to deliver airtight internet security across all your users, on ...

Zscaler career? (2023)
How many rounds is a Zscaler interview?

Zscaler Softech Interview Rounds and Process

There were 3 rounds in my interview. The first round was Technical, followed by Technical round. The final round was Behavioral.

What is the salary of Zscaler Glassdoor?

The typical Zscaler Software Engineer salary is ₹10,88,822 per year. Software Engineer salaries at Zscaler can range from ₹1,02,419 - ₹25,00,000 per year.

Is Zscaler a big company?

Zscaler has more than 5,000 employees worldwide.

Which big tech company pays the most?

Highest paying Technology Companies
Top Tech CompaniesEarly Career Median SalaryMid-Career Median Pay
14 more rows

What line of work pays the most?

Here are the highest paying jobs of 2023:
  • Anesthesiologist: $208,000.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: $208,000.
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist: $208,000.
  • Surgeon: $208,000.
  • Orthodontist: $208,000.
  • Physician: $208,000.
  • Psychiatrist: $208,000.

What is the best salary package?

The highest-paying jobs in India are basically in Information Technology, Healthcare, Data Industry, BFSI, and Marketing. The average salary range of most of the top jobs in these sectors ranges between Rs. 7 – 15 LPA, with the highest salaries going as high as Rs. 20 – 40 LPA.

What is a good starting salary for a fresher?

What is the salary of a fresher in India? Average salary for a fresher in India is 2.2 Lakhs per year (₹18.3k per month).

What is start salary?

/ˈstɑːr.t̬ɪŋ ˌsæl.ɚ.i/ the amount of money received when starting a particular type of job for the first time: My starting salary as a newly qualified teacher wasn't enough to support a family. Earning money.

How much does a recruiter at Zscaler make?

$128,793. The estimated total pay for a Technical Recruiter at Zscaler is $128,793 per year.

Is Zscaler a unicorn?

Notably, Zscaler was the first Revenue Unicorn to successfully accelerate revenue growth for three chapters in a row as growth accelerated to 54%, 60%, and 62%.

Why do schools use Zscaler?

Prevent cyber threats, prevent sensitive data loss, protect students and meet CIP, COPPA and FERPA Compliance.

Is Zscaler a Citrix?

Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) is used by many existing Citrix customers. To forward traffic to ZIA from Citrix workloads, you can use GRE or IPSec tunnels, PAC files, or the Zscaler Client Connector (Z App).

What does $1000 hiring bonus mean?

A signing bonus or sign-on bonus is a one-time lump-sum payment offered to a prospective employee as an incentive to accept the job.

How is work culture at Zscaler?

Work culture is rated 4.0 at Zscaler Softech by 131 employees. While job security is rated 4.2 and work-life balance is rated 3.4 at Zscaler Softech. Read detailed reviews by employees of Zscaler Softech on AmbitionBox.

Is joining bonus paid in first month?

Joining Bonus (or Sign-on bonus) is the bonus that the company pays you when you join the company. It is generally around 10% of your CTC. Understand that it will not be paid every year. It is mostly used to stuff the CTC to show that the package is very good.

What is the future of Zscaler?

Zscaler Total Assets Per Share are comparatively stable at the moment as compared to the past year. Zscaler reported Total Assets Per Share of 17.82 in 2022. Quick Ratio is likely to gain to 1.73 in 2023, whereas Return on Investment is likely to drop (21.31) in 2023.

Does zoom work with Zscaler?

Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZS), the leader in cloud security, today announced new integrations with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. that connect the Zscaler Digital Experience™ (ZDX) monitoring service with Zoom's Quality of Service Subscription (QSS) offering.

Is Zscaler better than VPN?

The Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) service enables organizations to provide access to internal applications and services while ensuring the security of their networks. ZPA is an easier to deploy, more cost-effective, and more secure alternative to VPNs.

Is Zscaler the leader in cloud security?

Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZS), the leader in cloud security, today announced Zscaler is recognized as a Leader in the inaugural Gartner 2022 Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge.

What makes Zscaler different?

Zscaler Cloud Protection

With an innovative zero trust architecture, it automatically remediates security gaps and misconfigurations, minimizes the attack surface, secures user-to-app and app-to-app communications, and eliminates lateral threat movement, ultimately reducing business risk.

Does Zscaler replace VPN?

Zscaler Private Access: A VPN alternative that delivers a zero trust model. Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) is a cloud-delivered, zero trust network access (ZTNA) service that provides secure access to all private applications, without the need for a remote access VPN.

Does Zscaler use AI?

Organizations spend countless hours manually creating and maintaining complex access policies that are often static and overly permissive. Zscaler intelligent policy uses AI to predict who may need access to resources in the future and identify risky behaviors or policies that should be restricted.

Is Zscaler SaaS or PAAS?

Zscaler operates the world's largest security-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud platform to provide the industry's only 100% cloud-delivered web and mobile security solution.

Is Zscaler a startup?

Zscaler (/ˈziːˌskeɪlər/) is a cloud security company, with headquarters in San Jose, California. The company offers cloud migration services. Zscaler, Inc.
FormerlySafeChannel, Inc.
IndustryNetwork security, computer security, Internet security
FoundersJay Chaudhry Kailash Kailash
14 more rows

Does Azure use Zscaler?

Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) for Azure is a cloud service from Zscaler that provides zero-trust, secure remote access to internal applications running on Azure. With ZPA, applications are never exposed to the internet, making them completely invisible to unauthorized users.

What are the 3 levels of interview?

Stages of the Interview
  • STAGE 1: Introduction. Lasting approximately two to three minutes, you are meeting the interviewers and being escorted to the interview room. ...
  • STAGE 2: Q&A. ...
  • STAGE 3: Your Questions. ...
  • STAGE 4: Closing.

What are the 3 rounds of interview?

3 Rounds of Interview

A 3 round interview is commonly conducted for experienced professionals who are specially selected for their skills and abilities. This type of interview may include an HR round, technical round and a final discussion round.

What are the four 4 phases of an interview?

Any job interview can be broken down into four general stages: introductions, broad questions and answers, position-related questions, and the conclusion. Take a look at some of our sample interview questions and questions you can ask an interviewer. Think about when they may come up during the stages described below.

What is the best starting salary?

Top 20 Highest Paying Entry Level Jobs
  • Data Scientist. Average Salary: $93,167 per year.
  • Software Engineer. Average Salary: $76,882 per year.
  • Product Manager. Average Salary: $62,354 per year.
  • Business Analyst. Average Salary: $55,793 per year.
  • Financial Analyst. ...
  • UX Designer. ...
  • Marketing Associate. ...
  • Investment Banking Analyst.
Jan 6, 2023

Is Zscaler a loss making company?

Earnings Trend: ZS is unprofitable, and losses have increased over the past 5 years at a rate of 52% per year.

How fast is Zscaler growing?

Summary. Zscaler helps protect data and applications on a user level. The company generated 54% revenue growth in the latest quarter in spite of tough comps and difficult macro environment. The company has a net cash position and is generating positive non-GAAP net income.

Why are Zscaler stocks falling?

Zscaler (ZS -0.90%) stock fell more than 16% last month following its quarterly earnings report on Dec. 1. Even though its results exceeded expectations, the cybersecurity stock couldn't overcome fears about slowing growth in the tech sector. Zscaler slumped further throughout December amid broader market weakness.

Is Zscaler a good long term investment?

The long-term earnings per share growth rate is estimated to be 46.5%, better than the Zacks Internet-Services industry's 20.5%.

Is Zscaler a growing company?

ZS is growing robustly and is on track to deliver an even stronger FY 2023, with management expecting annual revenue in the range of $1.49 billion to $1.50 billion, representing approximately 37% year-over-year growth.

Does Microsoft use Zscaler?

Microsoft has built deep integrations with Zscaler—a cloud-native, multitenant security platform—to help organizations with their Zero Trust journey.

What company owns Zscaler?

SafeChannel, Inc. San Jose, California, U.S.

Why is Zscaler unique?

It offers fast, secure access to private apps, services, and OT devices, applying the principles of least privilege to give users direct connectivity while eliminating unauthorized access and lateral movement. As a cloud native service, ZPA can be deployed in hours to replace legacy VPNs and remote access tools.

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